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Len Graham

Traditional Irish Singer

Traditional Irish singer Len Graham offers traditional Irish songs in English mostly from the North of Ireland, with memories from a lifetime of Len Grahamcollecting and singing. Len’s extensive repertory of Irish songs covers the whole gamut of themes and human experience as portrayed in early classic ballads, broadside ballads, local songs, come-all-ye’s, lyric folksongs, music hall pieces; songs on politics, murder, love, emigration and much more.

Len Graham is one of Ireland’s best known Irish singers who has gained an international reputation, not only for his inimitable singing style, but also for the breadth of his knowledge of Irish folk music. Poet and writer Ciarán Carson says; “By definition, any traditional Irish singer is obliged to the past, but he assimilates the songs in the here-and now, and re-makes them in his own voice, continually. Those who know Len Graham’s singing will recognize artistry and the spontaneity of his voice; but there is no spontaneity without recollection. To be here, you must have been there; and Len has, many times.”

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