With Padraigin Ni Uallachain

Len sings in unaccompanied settings with traditional singer Pádraigin Ni Uallacháin. See www.irishsong.com

Padraigin Ni Uallachain


With Jack Lynch

Len works regularly with the storyteller Jack Lynch. Jack and Len perform stories and songs for children – 6+ age group, as well as performing for adult audiences. They both have certificates and are fully trained under the Arts Council’s Child Protection Programme. Jack and Len are on the panel of the Poetry Ireland Writers in Schools Scheme. Together they have performed at numerous schools, libraries, concerts and festivals at home and abroad, including, Sidmouth Folk Festival,
Orkney Folk Festival, Ulster Folk Museum Storytelling Festival, Courtmacsherry Storytelling Festival, Smithsonian Folklife Festival in Washington, DC … …
See: www.jackstory.com


Len Graham and Jack Lynch

Jack Lynch

Jack Lynch

With Brian ” hAirt

Len Graham in duet with the multi-talented singer, musician and sean-nůs dancer Brian ” hAirt.

In 1971 Len won the Senior All-Ireland Fleadh Cheoil na h…ireann traditional singing completion. In 2002 Brian ” hAirt added his name to the long list of noted singers who have also been awarded this prestigious prize. In 2008 Len Graham was the recipient of the US Irish Music Award in the sean-nůs singing category and in 2009 Brian ” hAirt also was honoured with the same award.

Brian is a member of the highly acclaimed Chicago-based ensemble - Bua.

Together Len and Brian create a magical backdrop for an enriching evening of the Irish traditional art of sean-nůs singing in English and Irish Gaelic, as well as dance music on concertina, accordion, whistle, puirt-Š- beul (mouth-music) and sean-nůs dancing.

Len & Brian's CDs

In Two Minds (2012)
Len Graham With Brian ” hAirt

The Road Taken (2015)
Len Graham With Brian ” hAirt

Some Reviews

You'll have a job to find versions of these songs that are sung better, and the greatness that the combination of these two singers gives these songs makes [In Two Minds] a real treat. I bet they're good live!
- The Living Tradition

[In Two Minds] is an understated simple please that is reminiscent of opening a book - turning the page, unable to put it down, until you have digested its every word and only then being able to close the cover; but read it again you must! ... ... it's like a treasure that has been intricately designed like a jig saw puzzle - every piece fits.
- Irish Music Magazine

Anyone who figures they've cracked the essence of sean-nůs might do well to savour the hairpin bends that shape this vigorous and invigorating collection... ... The two singers' phrasing in such close concert that one would assume they were blood relations. For listeners and singers with a yen for seeing the familiar through a sparkling new, spit-polished lens, In Two Minds should be in pole position on any playlist.
- The Irish Times

In Two Minds is a CD collaboration between singing legend Len Graham and young lion Brian ” hAirt. Both are brilliant singers, and this album not only offers great music but a rare insight into a special musical bond...... the great mutual sympathy between the two men is apparent throughout this... ... gripping, well- balanced album.
- The Irish Echo

[The Road Taken] Graham and ” hAirt share a remarkable instinct for phrasing, their voices coalescing with the ease of singers who've been in concert with one another from the cradle.
- The Ticket



 Len Graham With Brian ” hAirt
Photo by Mike Doolin

 Brian Hart

With Theo Dorgan and Jack Lynch

Poet Theo Dorgan, storyteller Jack Lynch and traditional singer Len Graham are three of Ireland's most respected exponents of the oral traditions at home and abroad.

Theo: www.theodorgan.com
Jack: www.jackstory.com
Len: www.storyandsong.com

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Len Graham, Cormac Breatnach, Brain Fleming

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